Website Design

What I Do

I provide a modern and up-to date website design experience to businesses across Scotland.

Step into the world of Darren Summers, a young and energetic web designer living around 30 minutes from Edinburgh & Glasgow. It is a strange world full of words like HTML, CMS, PHP and CSS stylesheets.

Web design all comes down to knowing what people think looks good and most importantly what people find easy to use. A website that makes a user work hard won't cut it.

Web Design

Web design is something I have provided for over 9 years. I have a process and I know that when I build a website it will perform well for your business.

Web Design Requirements

The first step is to tell me exactly what you want and if you are not sure then I can tell you exactly what you need. Once we have established this I can let you know the cost and how long it will take.

Business Identity

In order to build a website, your business needs an identity. I am not that keen on designing logos because it takes time and I do not include branding in my services. I know the best brand designers on the planet and can put you in touch with them.

Web Design Process

The web design process
made simple.


01 Your Business

Tell me about your business so that I can create an overall objective and requirements list.


02 Designing Begins

Leave me for 2 or 3 weeks and I will go away and come back with what i think will work for you.


03 Launch Website

When we are all happy your website will be launched on my servers. We can then discuss marketing.

Existing Clients

What my clients
are saying