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Search Engine Optimisation Explained

Over £1,000,000 of online sales thanks to my search engine optimisation services.

I'm a digital marketing expert specialising in search engine optimisation for businesses located in Scotland. Most of my clients are failing at the first hurdle, their SEO efforts. In order to have any chance of ranking high in Google or Bing, your website needs to be awesome.

SEO Explained

I love that feeling when my client ranks higher than their main competitor.

does your website follow the rules?


At this stage, I would provide a thorough review of your website. I would identify issues using Google approved tools. I then follow through and fix the errors so that we have a proper foundation.

speed and web hosting locations?


In order to provide customers and Google with a good experience, your website needs to load fast and this involves making sure your website is hosted in the UK or your customers geolocation. I can provide hosting and set up your infrastructure and optimise your website speeds.

do people stay on your website long enough?


A big part of SEO now is now how good your website is for users, are they arriving and then leaving your site and causing high bounce rate? If your website is not easy to use or navigate through Google will be less likely to rank your website as the search giant will know your website is not providing users with what they want or a good experience.

Search Engine Optimisation

The SEO process
in a few steps.


01 Keyword Research

I will break down the search terms that you need to rank for. I tend to make a list of short terms goal and long-term goals.


02 Website Requirements

If you have an existing website already I need to make sure it is built correctly or correct anything that's not SEO friendly.


03 Continuous Improvement

SEO never stops, whether it is more backlinks, more blogs, more content it is a never-ending service that requires real investment to work.

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