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I provide unrivalled web design, development & seo consultancy


Step into the world of Darren Summers, a young and energetic seo consultant living around 30 minutes from Edinburgh & Glasgow. It is a strange world full of words like Backlinks, Keyword Density and HTML.

It all comes down to knowing how search engines read and manipulate websites. Because I know this, combining my knowledge with your money, I can improve your businesses rankings.

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  • SEO & Development

    I was approached by Charmaine from Silver Lining who are a young and energetic property management and lettings business in Edinburgh. I am building a website and managing SEO for some major keywords around Edinburgh.

  • web design
  • web design
  • Long Term Search Engine Optimisation

    I am contracted by First European who are a vehicle leasing business located in Scotland. I manage all search engine optimisation and conversion optimisation across their 4 website brands.

  • eCommerce Development & SEO

    Tom from Smokemax got in touch with me to help him expand his business online. Having over 20 stores across the UK the business wanted to make its mark online to compliment the stores. I built a new website that converts very well and we are now concentrating fully on SEO across Scotland.

  • web design
  • web design
  • Drupal eCommerce Website Design

    Cocoa Black from Glasgow is owned by Ruth Hinks who is a chocolate master. I worked in partnership with Marc from Klaklak in the development of a fully custom website. The cost was £6,000 and the project is still being completed.

What I excel at

Engine Optimisation

I'm a digital marketing expert specialising in
search engine optimisation for businesses located in Scotland.

web design
where I begin


Most of my client's are actually failing at the first hurdle, their website. In order to have any change of ranking high in Google or Bing your website needs to be awesome.

  • does your website follow the rules?

    At this stage I would provide a thorough review of your website. I would identify issues using Google approved tools. I then follow through and fix the errors so that we have a proper foundation.

  • speed and web hosting locations?

    In order to provide customers and Google with a good experience your website needs to load fast and this involves making sure your website is hosted in the UK or your customers geolocation. I can provide hosting and setup your infrastructure and optimise your website speeds.

  • do people stay on your website long enough?

    A big part of seo now is how good your website is for users, are they arriving and then leaving your site and causing high bounce rate? If so Google will be less likely to rank your website as the search giant will know your website is not providing users with what they want or a good experience.

What I excel at

design services

I'm a digital service expert specialising in
business consultancy, marketing and web development for companies based in Edinburgh & Glasgow.

web design
most common service


Web design is something I have provided for over 9 years. I have a process and I know what looks good and what will make my clients sales and ultimately more money.

  • tell me about your business
    Web Design Requirements

    The first step is to tell me exactly what you want, if your not sure then I can tell you exactly what you need. Once we have established this I can let you know the cost and how long it will take.

  • do you need a logo or branding?
    Business Identity

    In order to build a website your business needs an identity. I am not that keen on designing logos because it takes time and I do not include branding in my services. I know the best brand designers on the planet and can put you in touch with them.

  • shop or not to shop

    Selling online comes at a totally different cost to a simple information website. You need special hosting, ssl certificates and payment gateways. You wont get an eCommerce site from me for any less than £4,000 (sorry).

most expensive service


Most "web designers" like to say they are also web developers, this simply is not true. A web developer is a coder while a web designer makes pretty websites. If your looking for non standard functionality you need a developer like me, but again it comes at an extra cost because the skill level involved is much greater than a designer.

  • planning
    Custom Development

    If you require some custom development or non standard features such as special shopping carts, forms and interactions it is extremely important to know exactly what you want.

  • third party implementation
    API's & Apps

    If you are looking to use a third party product that has an API then I am sure I can help. I have used API's for sending SMS messages, communicating with accountancy software such as XERO. As long as the documentation is good then we will be fine.

  • hosting your application
    Server & Security

    When you need custom development using speciality coding you may need to think about non standard web hosting such as a virtual server or even a dedicated server setup. I can keep you on the right track.

web design glasgow
the good stuff

Continued consultancy

Once I have completed the initial work mentioned above, the real work begins. I start to do in-depth research of what it is your providing customers. This then allows me to identify the keywords that are going to convert the best for you.

  • keyword planning

    I will break down the search terms that you need to rank for. I tend to make a list of short terms goal and long term goals. The short term goal are long-tailed keywords such as "the best joiners in Edinburgh" rather than "Joiners Edinburgh". Yes, more people will search for the latter but we will rank quicker for the first term, thus pickup business quicker.

  • content is king (after backlinks)

    Whatever type of website you have, we will add a blog. Google is really focussed on fresh content and quality content. A blog is a great way to provide an ever growing website. We only need to focus on this a couple of times every month so it is not a huge task. I will organise a social expert to post 3 or 4 times every week to your social media accounts. The cost of this is included in any seo campaign I propose.

  • gaining those all important backlinks

    Backlinks and networking has always been the most important part of any SEO campaign. The days of just buying as many backlinks as you can are truly over. Now you need to engage and promote content that is relevant to your business. I am able to do this using my web hosting businesses clients and other connections I have.

web design glasgow
web design scotland
seo overview


Search engine optimisation is a true passion of mine. I love the rewards for my clients and I get a buzz when we reach that page one goal on Google. I will warn you though, carrying out the above tasks on a monthly basis is not cheap! Ideally you will need a budget of no less than £750 monthly to get the best results. The cost is controlled by the competitive nature of your business.

  • initial consultancy

    I don't just start asking you to pay me and I get on with it. I put real effort into getting to know you and your business. Those companies that are emailing you daily about SEO for £100 a month who are fully remote very rarely have any impact and you end up wasting money on seo. They string you along until you decide enough is enough. By that time they have made a few thousand pounds and move on. I come to your business, I get to know your staff and I am happy to work along side any existing marketing staff you have.

  • starting the campaign

    We start by making sure that we agree with the keywords and the process. I then get a cotract written up that protects both of our businesses.

  • how I report to you

    Reporting is the most important part of understanding what is working and what is not working. I setup a login so that you can monitor keyword positions, backlinks gained and lost. Website traffic and goal conversions. It is a robust but easily readable tool that you can understand without loads of jargon.

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As you will see I am more than qualified. I am degree educated in my field and I have real life business experience.

  • Bachelors Degree

    Computing Science

  • National Progression Award

    Website Design Fundamentals

  • Professional Development Award

    Advanced Website Development

  • Ezee Hosting Owner

    Scotland Based Web Hosting Company

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