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Step into the world of Darren Summers, a young and energetic Web Designer & Developer living around 30 minutes from Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland. It is a strange world full of letters like html, css, php and seo. It is also an exciting world where websites come to life and party. So if you are looking for a website or search engine optimisation then look no further. (apart from further into my website!).

I love to design websites and provide search engine optimisation services. If I could do it for free I would but I can't, so sorry you are out of luck.

So now that the money situation is cleared up I can move on and tell you a little bit more about myself. As a buzzing young web designer I am fairly good at what I do, in fact, I am really good! I keep on top of the game by constantly learning new techniques and believe me, nearly every day I find something new and improved to web design. The web design industry changes almost every day and if you let things fly by you, well, you just suddenly become rubbish at it! I am also the owner of the popular business hosting provider Ezee, which is a premium web hosting company. Ezee provides services across the UK to individuals and corporate clients and yes, you have guessed it, your website will be hosted by my company (obviously). I am also employed by a marketing company to manage their SEO client's and to improve and maintain Google results. I work on site's such as First European who specialise in Van leasing Scotland for new and established businesses. I also do SEO for a sister company who are also an established leasing company established in 1992 and specialise in business van leasing .

If you live in Scotland I can travel to meet as long as you are not too far away! I normally work remotely but living between just 30 minutes from Edinburgh & Glasgow means I am central to most of my customers which is handy.

It all comes down to knowing the horrible code side to websites and learning the ugly language that it speaks. Keeping up-to-date with all the latest techniques also ensures that we are constantly learning.

project one

Custom HTML5 Website

project two

Magento eCommerce Website

project three

Fitness WordPress Bespoke Theme

project three

Scotland Based Photographer Wordpress

project three

Gleneagles, Scotland Based hair Salon

project three

Bespoke CMS System

project three

Wordpress Custom Build


My Website Development Process


Why Choose Me?
I am just amazing

I may be slighlty more expensive than other developers and designers but there is a good reason for this. I am reliable, I am bloody good at what I do and I deliver excellent results. I am also a down to earth guy and have an excellent sense of humour.


How Much
How long is a piece of string?

Well this depends on a number of factors such as how much money I think you or your company has, I do my research ;). With cost I have no set rule it really comes down to what features you want and whether you are looking to run a shop or a simple information based website.


Things I Hate
Help me to help you

The most irritating thing for me is when a client approaches me and they have no content, images and a logo. Yes I can design a logo but do I really want to, not really. When you decide you want a website do a little research and gather some sort of credible content for me. I ain't asking for the world.


How Long?
Did I mention the string?

If you call me and say "It needs to go live next week" I will just hang up. A good website takes time, if rushed it will be shit and wont be appearing in my portfolio. Sorry for the language but it had to be said that way for it to make an impact.

My Website Design Service, Scotland
As always I try to keep things as less "techy" as I can, but also allowing you to know what I do.


I may be a little more expensive hence the "premium" description, but I am not a cowboy like 90% of the other developers that undercut me.


If you require custom development on an existing or new website then I am the man for the job. I live and breath code.


My experience has shown me that client's want to know that their developer will provide ongoing support, so I do.


All projects I quote for include mobile responsive designs. If you are being quoted extra by another freelancer tell them to beat it.


I am also the owner of the popular web hosting company Ezee. We provide enterprise class hosting and all my client's sites are hosted there.


SEO is set to be the most invested service by business owners in 2015 and with my track record you will reap the benefits.


The first step to a successful campaign is to assess what you wish to achieve and where in that process you are currently.


Existing website not returning business? Let me take a look and create the perfect package that will improve your revenue.

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